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I acquired my first Burmese in 1977, she was a beautiful and extremely loving blue tortie called Prudence. I began breeding in 1984 and became one of the founder breeders of the Burmillas. I had the privilege to work alongside Miranda von Kirchberg and a close group of like minded people. Miranda arranged for a Burmilla boy, Vatan Kennbury Benjamin to come to me, by her original Chinchilla boy Jemari Sanquist and bred by Don Beech and Jim Chalmers, Ben was to become the cornerstone of our breeding program. Many of the early Asians were sired by this big, affectionate boy.

By 1989 this wonderful new breed was established enough to start The Burmilla Association. As the breed grew it was obvious that all the patterns needed to be catered for. As the full range of patterns emerged within the breed we adopted the name Asian to cover the group. We now have THE ASIAN CAT ASSOCIATION who care for, and continue to nurture the breed as Miranda would have wanted. There are over 600 different patterns and colours within the Asian breed. 


Burmese and their Asian cousins are cats with extraordinary grace, beauty, sleek lustrous coats and hypnotic lambent eyes. They are truly amazing and make loyal, intelligent and most of all, loving companions.


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This is a photograph of Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg the founder of the Asian breed.
Taken by Paddy Cutts it shows Miranda with one of our early Burmillas.


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